Cancer, then and now…

The Washington Post does a health and science section every week and today it was called the ” cancer special section.”

So on the front page of that section is a big article with a headline reading “To protect against cancer, experts say, lifestyle-diet, weight control and exercise-

is what can make the difference.”

There’s some very good advice in this lead piece, breaking down the benefits of eating well, controlling your weight and keeping the body fit.

The article points out that because there are so many different kinds of cancer, there really isn’t a “super food” that will knock out all the bad cells.  As much as we’d like to believe that eating blueberries every day will keep us from hearing the words “YOU have cancer,” that probably isn’t going to happen.  But by avoiding a high fat diet or skipping the French fries can only help reduce the risk of getting certain cancers.

So many experts agree that because cancer comes in so many shapes and sizes, there’s no way to pin down one cause but they do say sticking to a balanced diet and healthy weight isn’t quite enough…..couch potatoes beware: exercise is a key component in the ‘avoid cancer equation.’

Patterns are part of what the experts in cancer world are looking at too.  It’s not enough to eat some broccoli tonight and figure you’re covered for the next five years.  Eating patterns may be a hook to meeting cancer head-on in later years.

It’s clear science is looking at cancer and how it finds us in so many new ways.

Who knew that bottle of wine and great steak we had with friends would  come back to haunt us 20 years later.



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