Breakthrough…Bring it on..

An announcement that a powerful chemo cocktail that can extend life for an estimated 16 months for women with HER-2 positive breast cancer is rippling through the cancer community.

This is a very bad cancer.  It’s aggressive and it kills, so this breakthrough is worth the attention it’s getting.

When a discovery like this is published the HOPE meter needle jumps to attention.

I heard a women speak tonight: she’s been on this protocol and the best explanation she could give was that she’s gone from a very poor diagnosis to the “HOPE” that she will live at least another year and by then, who knows what other treatments will be available to her.

I guess, along with the discovery and results of something as big as this, the best part of a new treatment is the HOPE that comes with it.

When they hand you an extra large bag of new HOPE, you can take the side effects.  You can take the hard days of staying in bed, covers pulled over your head just waiting for the nausea

to pass.  You can take just about anything, HOPING that you are going to finish your treatment and live again.

Success and Discovery is also spelled HOPE


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