Chips ahoy!!!

I have no idea what the specific details were , but I can tell you, the news wasn’t good.

She sat in the concourse, alone,  where most of the crowd sat in groups and ate lunch and talked and took a break from cancer world.

She had a lot on her mind this afternoon.  Part of the time, she held her head in her hands.  Her face was covered and then it wasn’t.

She played with her cell phone and it looked like she was texting some of the time.  Some times it’s easier to type the news instead of tell the news.

The one thing that kept her company at the table was her big bag of chips.  She was eating chips at a record pace.  Her best friend in this time of crisis was her

bag of chips.

They didn’t talk back, they didn’t give an opinion, they just filled a need.

This was a day when a big bag of chips is so much more than that.


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