He left us with laughter….and a lesson

Sam Simon died today.  His name may not ring a bell, but his creativity certainly will.

Sam Simon was one of the creators of The Simpsons.

If you ever watched an episode of “Cheers” or “Taxi” there was a pretty good chance you were laughing at scenes created by Sam Simon.

He won countless Emmys and was honored time and again for his philanthropy.

He was 59 years old and he died after fighting colon cancer since 2012.  At the time of his terminal diagnosis, he said he’d be giving away his fortune that was estimated at around $100 million dollars.

Because of his love for animals, many of his dollars will continue to go to animal charities, but to be sure, he also gave to support research in cancer world.

These were his thoughts about living and dying with cancer, they left the biggest impression:

“Cancer has been a fight, a journey, an adventure and the most amazing experience of my life.”

“Somehow I ended up surrounded by people who love me and take care of me and will do anything for me.” He’s quoted as saying.  “That is happiness.  I think I may have had a problem letting it in before.”

Cancer’s “teaching” side.



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