The mentor she never met….

Leroy was “The Mentor I Never Met.”

That’s what she called him.   He was her guiding light when it came to blogging about sharing her cancer life with the rest of the world.

She blogged because she said she didn’t want to be invisible to the world while going through her cancer journey.

Lisa Bonchek Adams found her strength, her permission to be brutally honest about struggling with cancer, from reading “MY Cancer.”

And that’s how she expressed herself; with honesty and openness and clarity.  She even wrote about it in the Huffington Post back in 2012.

“I followed Leroy’s blog religiously.  My mother did too.  We would talk on the phone and sometimes the conversation would turn to Leroy, a man we’d never met.  “Did you see Leroy had a good week?” we might ask.

Lisa Bonchek Adams died March 6th from metastatic breast cancer.  She was 49 years old.

At one point she wrote “I am now Leroy.”

Her breast cancer has spread to her bones.   She knew there would be no cure.

“Cancer is not a gift. You’re not always given what you can handle. You don’t always get what you deserve.”

Lisa talked about how her blog allowed her to free.

“My blog is where I tell my story to those who want to listen and share my experience the way that Leroy shared with me.”

“I was paying attention, Leroy, as any good student does.”

And we listened, Lisa….we listened.


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