There’s an angel in the room

She is a busy lady.  Angels keep a full calendar.

She lives in cancer world every day.  She is the shoulder to lean on.  She has the outstretched arms always available for a hug.  She has the open heart and steady mind to listen to the heartbreak and respond with solid information or maybe just a whisper of hope to steady the unsteady caregiver.

She is a woman trained to guide and protect those who are trying to navigate a cancer diagnosis.

Today, she went to visit a loving couple: the wife battling a spreading cancer and a husband trying to advocate for her and make sense of what is happening to their lives.  It’s was a tough day and they needed support.

My friend, the social worker, listened:And then she listened some more.  Years of experience have taught her how important it is to measure the stress in the room before offering any advice.   Slowly but surely the tension eased and an open conversation took place.

A new friendship, filled with trust and caring was made today.

Not a surprise, when there’s an angel in the room.


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