When the SOS goes up…

Cancer forces so many changes in our lives, but it can NOT touch an SOS that goes out to family and friends.

Cancer can’t do anything about the response to our cries for help.

The cavalry comes in so many favors.  Meals are taken care of, friends pick-up car pooling assignments, grocery lists are magically filled and the kids find their friends are front and center with play-dates, movie nights and sleepover’s that act as the perfect stress reliever.

There isn’t a little person on the planet who should have to ‘deal’ with anything in cancer world.

And when we get dropped into a cancer center, strangers on foreign soil, it’s important to remember ‘veterans’ of cancer wars from years gone by, have knowledge and experience and are ready to help our friends navigate what they are absolutely not prepared to handle.

The message here, don’t forget to ask.  Anyone who has walked this path wants to make it better for the next family facing cancer.

We know little hints to help you navigate the system and every cancer center, or hospital has it’s own system.  We know people who work in patient care, social work or nursing who have the ability to find those extra five minutes in their day to extend a hand.  WE know this, because we’ve been there and we’ve lived it.

Wouldn’t it be great to never have to use our ‘learned knowledge?’  I wish that would be the case.

Instead, we all know when we least expect it, that SOS is bound to go up and we’ll be there, ready to spring into action.

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