The gift of a life line….

When Sidney Kimmel gifted Johns Hopkins with 150 million dollars back in 2001, it was the largest gift of its time to Hopkins.

It sounds like more than enough money to spread around to all the great researchers that live at the lab bench at the Sidney Kimmel Comprehensive Cancer Center.  Surely one of them or even ten of them would take a portion of that huge sum and figure out how to end cancer.

But not even Kimmel himself reached out to that conclusion.  Instead when he made his gift he said, “The goal, with this gift, is to make meaningful advances in our knowledge of cancer.”

He knew there could be no dramatic discovery that would END cancer.  He’s a smart man and he knows enough about the science of cancer that “advances” would mean his money would develop vaccines to slow down certain cancers and there would be clinical trials developed that would someday turn into standard treatment for other cancers.  His dollars would also go to research that would be green-lighted instead of getting bounced around from one grant proposal to another.

Dollars translate into research in cancer world and that, in-turn, moves the needle against the disease.

Mr. Kimmel’s huge gift is also taking care of cancer patients and their caregivers.  He realized the individuals living in cancer world are no longer living a “normal” life and their comfort and care is critical to the research and treatment development his gift provided.

$150 million dollar gift is a pretty big life line….let’s hope it’s enough.


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