Trigger happy…

There are certain events in our lives that trigger emotional reactions.

It doesn’t necessarily mean a bad reaction is the result, it’s just a part of who we are and our experiences as we march through life.

One of my oldest friends and I do mean oldest; we went through elementary school together all the way through high school and that’s a really long time ago!

She is a widow too.  Her husband kissed her good-bye one morning and left for work, just like he did every day, but this particular day, his heart seized-up, he blacked-out and went head first into a tree and was killed instantly.  Medics at the scene said they think he was gone before he hit the tree.  He was in his mid 50’s.  They had four young kids.  This was a great family and in an instant it was shattered.

This was 18 years ago and you know what, she just passed another anniversary of his death and she said the triggers that lead to all kinds of emotions are still as strong as they were after year one.  She and her kids do all kinds of things to remember their guy.  There’s an annual hike, his favorite foods, they all still gather together to support one another.  They remember their missing family member with gusto.  She tells me she wouldn’t have it any other way.  She embraces the triggers and for her, it helps getting through the sad parts of those tough days.

But it’s not just on anniversaries that something will trigger a reaction.  It could be just a typical day and a song on the radio or seeing someone who has the same walk and “boom” there it is.

It happens to me all the time.  I sometimes wonder if it’s a good thing to be reminded of Leroy moments so often?  But then I hear from others who have lost loved ones and they say the same thing.

We’re all a little ‘trigger happy.’


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