Cancer’s Magic Number….

“She’s five years out, we’re in the clear.”

He had a smile on his face that lit up the room.

It has been five years since his wife was diagnosed and treated.  Five years that felt like fifty.

The five year margin is a magic number in cancer world.  “They” say if you’re cancer free for five years, you have a good chance at life as you remember it.

If you’re not among the cancer crowd, five years fly by like the snap of a finger.  A sore throat is just a sore throat.  A twinge below the shoulder blade is just too much tennis barking back.

Shortness of breath on a jog at the canal and maybe you should have stopped at two glasses of wine last night.

Not so if you’re counting days and months and years after being a cancer patient.  All those things are red flags and worrisome signs that the beast is lurking again.

So to reach that five year milestone with clear scans and N-E-D reports is one awesome feeling.

That smile said it all.


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