Instant Care Giver…

The doctors had talked about releasing her for days but one thing after another forced them to postpone her trip home.

Cancer, then cancer surgery, then cancer treatment and then effects from all of the above and her stay stretched out for days.

Then it happened and he was faced with scheduling home care, nursing care, a list of foods she could eat and some to stay away from and instructions on how to clean wounds and on and on.  There were appointments to make that meant return visits to the hospital for tests and scans.  He may not have realized it, but he was smack in the middle of “care giver training by fire.”

It happens instantly and with no practice run.  One day you have a career, you have a job and you have a life that is packed with day to day responsibilities that keep you busy.  Some days you’re stressed because there’s a report due at work or the kids have an event you have to fold into your day, but it’s doable most times.

But when you’re an instant care giver it’s not quite like that.

The clock never stops ticking.  The job suffers because your new job is more important.

The shift in life is shaking you to your core.  And it happened in an instant.

You’re now an “Instant Care Giver.”

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