Now, this is a day!

Every once in a while a day comes around that is beyond wonderful.

Today is that kind of day.

The sun is out.  The sky is blue and clear and it’s in the mid-70’s. There are buds on the cherry trees.  My first daffodil bloomed and it’s dancing in the breeze.

And the baseball season begins with a full schedule of games today.  There is something about the season starting that makes things right.

A friend of mine is an avid baseball fan.  He also happens to be the care giver to his cancer stricken wife.  Baseball is the steady, calming force in his upside down world.  The strikes and balls and rhythm of the game give him a “normal” now.  He’s in a better frame of mind now that his season of baseball has wrapped its arms around him.

Today is that kind of day.


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