Speaking out..

Cancer and celebrities is the combination that puts this disease on page one.

Rita Wilson, the actress wife of actor Tom Hanks is the latest to hear the words “You have cancer.”  She was urged by a friend, the report says, after getting an ‘all clear’ on a mammogram, to get a second opinion.  What resulted from seeing another doctor and as she put it, “my gut told me that was the thing to do,” was a double mastectomy and reconstructive surgery.

The message was strong and the reaction equally as strong.  Women from all over the country have responded with their own stories and others have just said thank you for the good advice.

Ms. Wilson put these words in a post today; “…a second opinion is necessary and vital.  Not just by another doctor but by another pathologist.”

There can never be too much guidance when it comes to cancer.

Hopefully Rita Wilson will continue to share her experience as she heals and begins her road back to health.  Healing from that kind of surgery takes time and adjustments.  This could be her moment to step off the Broadway stage for a time and step into a different spotlight where an entirely new audience awaits her arrival.


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