Every day….

It’s something you do because it might make a difference.  It’s the daily trip to the cancer center.

It’s the daily trip to the radiation oncology floor.

You make the trip, but it’s really HOPE that’s driving you.   Some come from many miles away, even “states” away because you believe in the care. You believe. Period.

It’s a daily treatment that brings you here.  Many days, you sit and wait for your turn to get radiation: back-ups do happen.   Sometimes the machine breaks down and the travel and anticipation of the treatment is for naught.

Usually the radiation takes just a few minutes but it requires a daily appointment, highly regulated and targeted to kill the cancer but not the healthy tissue.

The daily visits take a lot out of the patient and care giver, but they are necessary and if you’ve been on this path, you tell yourself that you’ll rest later, this is where you need to be today.

It’s been seven years(exactly) and even now, I remember those days with such clarity.   Radiation was our last attempt at slowing down the spread.  We had a standing morning appointment and we parked on the third level every day for weeks.

Every day…..


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