Instant recall…

I wonder if anyone has ever studied the instant recall of a care giver?

It doesn’t matter if your loved one went through a short treatment period or years of therapies, it seems we care givers have photographic minds.  We remember just about everything.

We can recall details that normally would go unnoticed.  The weather, the parking space, the elevator ride, the nurses, the time it took for treatment, standing in line at the pharmacy, seeing familiar faces at the cancer center: all the things that revolve around treatment day.

We also remember drug reactions, sleeping in the car on the way home; you with one eye on the road and one eye on your patient.  We think back on the nights when we stood in the hallway, just a few steps away from the bedroom door and listened to make sure the breathing was steady and even.

We remember the smiles, the groans, the handholding, and the tears.

But then,  there were the days when we forgot to take care of ourselves; we remember that too.

This would be an interesting study.

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