I’ve lost two friends to cancer in a very short time recently.

It’s made me very sad to think I won’t hear their voices, or sit across the room from them and discuss “stuff” because they both were smart, energized men who had lived full, interesting lives and talking to them was always a challenge.

They were both in their 80’s so you might say, they had full lives.  It’s true, they lived large.  I still think they left this world too soon, because they still had so much to give.

They both had loving families who are missing them with wounded hearts that ache in their absence.

These families were awesome care givers.  They did everything and anything in their power to give these men the love and comfort they deserved in the last few months of life.

Each time I would visit my friends, I would see the cancer in their eyes.  I could see the toll it was taking on their bodies too.

But neither man allowed it to invade their sharp minds.  Those are the memories I will carry with me.  The last conversations, the final smiles and hugs we shared together.

They made my life fuller.


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