She’s a beach girl.  She loves to take walks along the beach boardwalk and inhale the salt air.

She’s a big, beautiful blonde beach girl and everyone who visits that section of beach knows her by the big welcome of a wagging tail and now her pronounced limp.  Her name is Berra.

The doctor who has examined Berra thinks there may be a bad tumor lurking in her shoulder and that’s what is causing her to take the weight off that leg. He’s advised Berra’s mom to go easy on the beach walks.  She went one step further and bought her favorite girl a stroller of sorts; one that fits a 70 pound yellow lab with a smile as wide as the ocean to perfection.  There’s a soft pillow added for comfort.

Berra has taken to her “walker” very well, and she sits and watches her four-legged friends trot by without much fanfare except when it’s one of her old running buddies.  She gets so excited that she finds a way with all her strength to push herself out of that carrier for a quick “hello.”

Berra’s mom is so worried about her girl.  She brought Berra into her life after losing her husband to a long battle with cancer.  Berra, as she puts it, “saved my life.”

There is no question that a dog can bring so much joy into a life.

They are quite a team, Berra and her mom, and now there’s the worry that this tumor might be a cancer too.  What to do?

Live life every day and that means coming to the beach, seeing friends, eating doggie treats and being pushed down the boardwalk in the sweet salt air.

Go Berra, Go….


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