Petal pusher…

She was walking around the cancer center holding her head up, high.  She had a smile on her face that stretched from ear to ear and she was in a non-stop conversation with a woman who could have been her Mom.  They looked so much alike.

There was no telling what the conversation was about, except to say it had to have been good news because they were both laughing and smiling.

I knew the younger of the two was the patient because she still had the chemo calling card: a bald head.  But it was what was on top of that beautiful bald head that caught my eye.

Flowers.  Big wonderful blue silk flowers.  I’m not sure how they were fastened to her scalp.  There must have been a ribbon or a band of some sort holding those flowers in place, because they weren’t moving.  Instead they framed her face and covered most of her head. This young woman wasn’t going to be content wearing a wig, or a scarf.

She was wearing a blue bouquet that sent a message to her cancer.  SHE was in control here, not her disease.

Those flowers gave her power and a new meaning of “flower power.”

Whatever works!



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