The Art of Living…

“The art of living lies in both letting go and holding on.”

This is a version of the quote by Henry Havelock Ellis, a British physician and social reformer.

It is gospel if you’ve lived and lost in cancer world and I found it written on a card today that I scooped it up to send to a friend.  She lost her husband to cancer a few years ago and like many of us, has tried to “let go” a little but has “held on” a lot.

It’s a powerful dilemma most of us face.  We don’t want to get “stuck” in our sadness and missing stages of grief, but at the same time it’s hard to let go of so many memories with some one so important to us in our lives.  These were loved ones who helped shape our “forever and ever” spaces in our life puzzles.  Those pieces can’t easily be replaced.

It’s hard reaching that balance.

So maybe she reads this on her birthday and decides it’s the perfect day to ‘begin’ again.  A new year ahead.  A little bit more independent with permission to let go of some things, while holding on to others.

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