And so it begins…

Summer…Did you ever think it would get here?

The Memorial Day weekend is the big marker although summer doesn’t officially get here until June, it’s still the big weekend to get away.  Have you noticed that so many people begin their long holiday weekend on Thursday now to beat the traffic?  So instead of suffering in back-ups on Friday, we sit in the same traffic on Thursday.  I guess if you’re heading to the beach, it’s better to get a day up on the rest of the folks who still leave on Friday.

I always think about the people who don’t change their routine on these festive holiday weekends.  They might not have chemo scheduled on Monday this coming week, because the doctors and nurses try to reschedule treatments around the holidays, but they’ll get to it eventually.  Chemo doesn’t take a holiday.  Cancer in the summer is like cancer in the winter.  Families are worrying about their loved ones on these holidays, just like they are on any given day in any given month.

I’m wishing you all a good, safe Memorial Day weekend.

After we’ve remembered those who gave their lives for this country, let’s remember those who are fighting for their lives too…in cancer world.

They are warriors of a different stripe.

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