The hardest news of all…

There is no preparing for it.

I can’t imagine any doctor ever gets comfortable when it comes time to deliver the news that there is new cancer discovered and the prognosis is poor.  They hate to put it into a time slot, but the patient is quick to ask, “How much time do you think I have?”

It’s a scenario played out in exam rooms across this country every day, and yet every time I hear about one, my heart sinks.

I remember our day, when the news came following a scan.  My mind was numb.  We couldn’t talk about the news in that moment because we were both so stunned.  And it wasn’t that we weren’t told that metastatic disease eventually gets to the point of no return, we knew all of that.  But when it actually comes out in specific words, there is such despair.

Did we rebound and find some little piece of hope still alive in our thoughts?  Yes, we did but that’s because we’re human beings and we refused to quit, even when the reality of our cancer challenge was almost too much to handle.

I write this tonight, because some friends are facing this reality now.

Preparing for what’s ahead and no one really knows how much life is left to live, is what they are coping with now.

It is the hardest news of all….

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