If they knew THEN, what they know NOW….

It’s a big day in cancer world.

A team of men and women in their lab coats up at the Kimmel Cancer Center at Johns Hopkins announced a clue, a key, a discovery about how the world of immunotherapy will make a difference in treating deadly cancers.

“This study gives us a solid clue about how immunotherapy may work in cancer and how to guide immunotherapy treatment decisions based on the genetic signatures of a cancer rather than class of cells or organ or origin,” said Luis Diaz, director of the Swim Across America Lab at Johns Hopkins.  SAA was a major funder in this study.

Mistakes in so-called mismatch repair genes may accurately predict who will respond to certain immunotherapy drugs.  These drugs are tasked with disarming systems developed by cancer cells that bob-and -weave  and avoid detection and destruction by immune system cells.

For those of us who have been down cancer’s metastatic road of no-return, this announcement screams “Progress” in so many ways.

So many of our loved ones paid-if-forward in science.  They allowed the researchers to study their cancers.  They joined clinical trials to push the science down the road.  They did all this knowing these discoveries wouldn’t be there in time for them.

They did it for all the others who are just learning their fate.

There is new HOPE tonight.

They’re coming for you cancer….it’s just a matter of time.


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