Energy, Optimism, Hope….

Bring it on…the energy, the optimism and HOPE.

You never can have too much of any of these in cancer world.


It’s a positive side effect that comes from the best and brightest oncologists meeting in Chicago for their annual conference.

They share new discoveries.  They share new treatment ideas and they redefine ways to better treat patients.  This morning when my Washington Post landed on the driveway, there was a front page article talking about how the shift of treatment is opening up large groups of cancer victims to multiple drugs that weren’t offered before because the origin of the cancer wasn’t thought to be well matched to a particular drug.  Now, doctors are looking at these drugs as multiple attackers of many cancers.  What once was used just for one cancer, is now being looked at in multiple cancers.


Spreading the knowledge and the know-how has spawned new optimism among Oncologists across the map.  Optimism and energy goes hand in hand.  Success in these trials, although not for everyone, still shows the researchers that they are on the right track.  Way too many cancer patients are dying.  But stories about remission and control and success in clinical trials are the learning tools that lead to more discoveries.  It’s all we have to feed our optimism.


We have nothing if we don’t have HOPE.

HOPE  gives us the courage to get treatment.  HOPE gives us the staying power to push through the hard days.  HOPE makes the care giver care even more.  HOPE is the root of it all.



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