So many moods….

Friday at the cancer center is filled with faces that mirror a week of warring.

Patients slowly make their way to the revolving door dragging heavy thoughts, doses of radiation and chemotherapy drugs circulating inside their bodies.

They have stood up to their cancer for another week.  Those spinning doors welcome the other world and a weekend free of treatment.

One the other side, there will be rest and a couple of days to recuperate from the battle.

Some leave in wheelchairs, pushed along by care givers who look just as relieved as the patients to claim the fresh air.  I watch others who are deep in thought as they walk toward the light of the day.

A few are locked in conversation with friends and family and hardly show signs of diagnosis or treatment.  It’s the bald head, or the blue tape wrapped around the bend in their arm where blood was drawn that gives them away.

But it’s their faces, especially their eyes that tell the tale.

So many moods on a Friday get-away day at the cancer center.  No better day to really get away.


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