Measuring Cancer….

“It was a good week.”

That’s the way her husband measures his current life as he lives each day in cancer world.

A few weeks ago, he probably would have been measuring it in days because his wife was in chemo therapy treatment and her up’s and down’s depended upon where in the cycle of chemo her body was coping.  Some days were brutal.   He felt helpless, trying to chase away the nausea and stomach cramps.  There’s only so much that ginger tea will do to a body filled with chemo.

They used to measure their lives in activities and planned vacations around the world.  They measured their lives by the achievements of their kids and what kinds good things in life awaited them.  This was a couple living life to the fullest.

Life was measured in feet of love and fun.

The love is what binds them now and the new measuring stick is what it is.

They can’t wait for the day when treatment stops, health is regained and life is not measured in days or weeks.



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