The Sparkle…

She rallied like few ever have, in fact even her doctors were stunned and unable to explain why her body responded to clinical trials when others had no response.

But then, if you knew Laura, it wasn’t hard to understand.  She just wouldn’t, couldn’t sit still and allow her disease to overtake her.  She lived life that way too.

She was a former ABC News correspondent so her instincts to find facts, hunt them down, if necessary, was a given.  She approached her cancer that way too.  Fact finding, treatment details, how best to handle her pain and discomfort from all those treatments of over more than a dozen years of cancer battles came naturally to her.  Nothing was going to get by her if it meant living another day, another week, month, year.

So many times her friends on the east coast would hear that she was failing.  We saw pictures of her and just knew we would hear the worst news at any time.  But it wasn’t to be because her body would rally again and again.  Next thing we’d know, she was on an airplane East so we could all see that she was that same spark plug of a woman who would smile and show off a morphine pump hidden under her blouse.  But that was OK, because she used it as a tool, not a crutch and she just would not give in to this lousy disease.

Her family was so important to her and vice versa.  She had the love of a husband and the most adorable daughter who literally grew up with a Mom fighting cancer.  Not an easy chore for a little girl.  It could not have been easy for her seeing Mommy in pain, in bed, weak from cancer and fighting to live.  But they both rallied to each occasion and Mommy always lived.

She lived until she stopped living yesterday.  The final battle and cancer claimed another victim.

This smart, courageous, soldier of cancer wars is gone.  She gave it her all and then some.

She’s left behind lessons for all of us too.

Its the sparkle that I’ll remember most and always.


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