Breaking the News…

Larry Hogan has cancer.

The governor of Maryland made the announcement yesterday in a politicians voice.  He was speaking to the masses just like he’d done during his campaign and on election night.  He was sending a message.

As I watched him, I could only think back to what the days before were like for this 59 year man, husband and father.  The days before when his doctor told him “You have cancer.”

Politicians hear those words just like you and me.  They mean the same thing.  They changed him just like it changed you, your loved one, your friend.

He went through the same process of trying to understand those words and why it was happening to him.

Hogan had to take that news and share it with his family.  Then the circle widened to the extended family and friends and his political circle needed to be included and when that happened, I’m sure the strategy of how to tell the citizens of Maryland, where he governs, began to spin.

He decided the best path was the one of straight forward, information.  Tell it like it is: “I have cancer.”

He could have stopped there, turned and dealt with it quietly and within his own circle, but he didn’t, he put himself inside the cancer circle.  He became one with the cancer community.  He has a new group to link to now.  He’s cancer patient.

He said he’ll take on this challenge just like he’s done in his political life.  He said he’s a fighter by nature.

He’ll be tested, I’m sure of that.

He’s already passed the first big test.  I’m sure of that too.


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