Present and Future…

“We sat side by side in the morning light and looked out at the future together.”

It’s one of my favorite “StoryPeople” prints by Brian Andreas.  It hangs on a wall in my house and I look at it often realizing that its meaning has changed so many times over the years.

I believe he made the watercolor print back in 1999.

Life was pretty good then.  The future had a future, if you  know what I mean.

We didn’t see the clouds on the horizon and the cancer storm was something that was happening to other people.

As the years have moved on, sitting “side by side in the morning light” the hopes for the future we had planned certainly changed in an instant during a routine colonoscopy so many years ago.

Life shifted.  The future became a present filled with challenges.

I think about those who are sitting in the morning light these days, having heard the words, “You have cancer.”  They must be wondering and worrying about their future’s now.

I can only say to them, don’t think about the future.  Think about the now.

Think about the present.  It really is a great gift.

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