A card still connects them…

Time and how we spend it or at least appreciate it changes once we’ve been introduced into cancer world.

What about our loved ones who have died from cancer and are missing the years cancer took from them?  They miss watching their kids grow up.  They miss all the special occasions that occur in a family as it grows and matures.  There are so many dates on the calendar that are celebrated and then there’s the empty chair.

Some cancer patients have taken steps to be there even if they aren’t there: they’re saying it in writing.  Some terminal cancer patients want their family members to know that even if they can’t be there to walk a son or daughter down the aisle, their love and affection and happiness is still a part of that special day, so they’re leaving notes behind to remind the living.

In fact, some patients are putting together a stack of cards that reflect the holidays, birthdays, weddings, even the birth of a grandchild.

So when each of these events come up, there’s a card waiting with a special message, in their own handwriting, and it’s from the heart.

The one thing cancer can’t take away is the love for all the special people in our lives who were cancer warriors.

Those warriors want to be there for the happy times too.


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