Widow+ Worthy

Most days I think we’re OK.

I’m taking the liberty of speaking for a group of women I sometimes hang out with: we’re all widows and all but one became a widow after being a care giver to a husband with cancer.  They all died way too young.  They all died way too full of life.  They all died leaving wives still wondering how it all happened.

None of us thought it would ever happen to us.

I’ve been the widow the longest.  So I’ve watched how the rest of my friends have reached milestones of widowhood.  There’s the “stepping back into the real world alone path” and the “feeling like a third wheel in a group of couples” square and then there’s the “feeling invisible” corner and truly, so many more widow sinkholes.

We’re all pretty strong females who have conquered some tough professions so you’d think this “widow” world would be easy to crush, but you must think again.

Being a “widow” requires some very heavy lifting.

I know this OUR CANCER community has a strong group of widows who have pushed through some difficult times, just like my pals.

For the most part, I think we’ve all done pretty well.  There’s no question, there is strength in numbers…We need a posse to talk over our hard times.

So, widows, when you’re wavering, gather for an “all-call” and share.

It’s the best way to remind yourself, you’re not just a widow….You are worthy.


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