The first steps are crucial….

If you hear the words “You have cancer,” what do you do next?

That probably sounds like a silly question, but you’d be surprised how many smart, savvy, worldly people aren’t sure where to turn.

Odds are the doctor who broke the news to you isn’t from cancer world.  He or she is probably a very good doctor, but cancer is not their specialty, so your next move is to find a doctor who lives in cancer world and it’s my opinion, find an oncologist who is connected to a strong, research minded cancer center where aggressive treatment is backed by good, solid cancer research.

That is where you will build a team: a team personalized to your cancer.  It can be done.

Be aggressive in your search for this team and by all means get an advocate to be by your side as you navigate this new world.

DON’T be afraid to ask questions.  You and your advocate are the captains of this ship.  Without the knowledge you can’t guide your future treatment.

It will be a bumpy road in the beginning, as you learn the language of cancer, decide on treatment options, and deal with new surroundings, but you’ll get there.

Your first step is crucial in all of this:  Find the right cancer specialist, some one who is familiar with YOUR cancer.

You’re on your way.


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