No news isn’t always good news….

As we approach a big summer holiday weekend, when so many of us are already on the road, heading to vacation destinations, my thoughts are focused on the wait for a pathology report that will take days longer because of the holiday weekend.

A special family to both me and Leroy, is waiting for these results and it’s pretty safe to say, they’ll be counting the days until a certain pathology lab produces a report that will bring them long awaited results.

Waiting is one of the worst parts of cancer world.

It’s especially hard when it’s an early test to determine exactly what and where the cancer is growing.

They will gather with their family and do the same things most of us do on the Fourth of July, and there could be some smiles and laughter, a Bar-B-Q too. But under that red-checked tablecloth,  grilled burgers and corn, worry and fret will take a seat.

No news is not always good news.

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