Sasha, I have no idea if you’re still reading this blog, but you were in my thoughts today.

I was thinking about how you coined the term “LIFTING”  in all your posts and how we all came to use the phrase when we would talk about supporting one another in times of stress, sadness, fatigue and any other hard part of living in cancer’s grasp.

It seems there are so many people in my circle of friends and acquaintances who are fighting the cancer fight these days.  They are either just entering into their first treatment stages or the disease is starting to really take a toll on family, care givers and friends.

No matter where they are in the fight, they all need LIFTING.

Some have chosen to try to keep their diagnosis private for now, and it’s hard to “LIFT” when you can’t gather a team of lifters.

But I guess that’s also a part of supporting a friend.  Their wishes need to be honored.

It all goes back to what I tell everyone I meet who faces this challenge.  “YOU can not do this alone.”

And “LIFTING” is a big part of conquering this battle.

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