Just below the calm….

Where do we get our calm?

When we first hear the words, “You have cancer” everything goes into over-drive.  Our hearts race, sometimes there’s tears, our muscles get tense and there’s a brain freeze right after those words fill the room.

We want immediate action too.  Once you’ve asked the doctor how much time you have left and what the odds are that you can beat it, we ask about treatment: NOW.

There is such an immediate need to do something.  There can be no delay in killing those cancer cells.  We never even think about how long it took the cancer to get to the point that it’s made an impact on our lives.  We have to act on it instantly, because we can stop it instantly if we do.

And then we calm down.

What causes this understanding to take over is any one’s guess, but with more knowledge about what it is we’re up against, comes common sense.  We can’t kill it instantly.  We need a plan.  We need the best care.  We need to form the best team.

We find our courage.

It doesn’t take long before we realize this is going to be a struggle.  It’s going to take time and effort from so many, especially the cancer patient.

We find and use our courage.

It must be sitting there, just below the calm.


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