Into the scanning machine…


A family in crisis after their leader, their loved one, their person was stunned with a diagnosis of metastatic cancer.

It was the ultimate up and down of emotions any family has faced.  The high, came after the unbelievable news of “cure” came from a doctor who had treated this patient for hepatitis for years.  Many treatments later, one finally worked and he was handed a clean bill of health.  The doctor actually used the word “cured” and all was good in the world.  There were high fives, and even a margarita raised in celebration.  The first real drink my friend had enjoyed in many years.

That lasted only days.

He felt “full” and thought enough about the unusual sensation that he went to his doctor and then a visit to the scanning machine.

This does not have a happy ending.  Further tests have concluded what all of us here have endured in one way or another: cancer.

The ultimate low from the ultimate high.

Another battle is on.


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