It’s a calling, not a job…

I met a young woman today who reminded me how lucky we are to have “angels in waiting” in cancer world.

Taylor is about to begin her masters program in social work.  She wants to find a job in a hospital setting and to be even more specific, she wants to work with cancer patients.

I asked her if she was aware of how tough a road that can be and with her back straightened and without hesitation, she answered, “yes.”

There was something about Taylor that made me believe she knew exactly where she wanted her career to grow…she wants to help those who are traveling on that rough road.

Some people reach out to find a job while others search for the perfect place to share their calling.

Many of us have been lucky enough to have found one or more of these angels in our cancer journey.

There’s a patient and family out there some where, who, some day, will say the same thing about Taylor.






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