A difficult note to write…

She’s been gone many weeks now and I just couldn’t write the sympathy note to her husband.  I was stuck.

Her death put a dent in my heart and it just was too painful to sit down and put pen to paper.

And then, for some reason, today was the day.

Instead of buying a sympathy card, I decided to use a card that means more than anything I could find in the Hallmark aisle.  This card has a picture of leaves from Leroy’s tree on the front of it.  It’s a stunning photograph taken by his old friend and wonderful cameraman Alex.  They traveled the world together for ABC NEWS and when Leroy died, Alex and his wife Franzi planted a Red Oak on their mountain top in Austria.  As the years have passed, Leroy’s tree has grown strong and its leaves have changed from green to gold and red and orange as the seasons have come and gone.  Alex took pictures of the leaves and Franzi made stationary to match the pictures.  So the messages that I write on these cards, carry extra meaning.

Funny, how my pen flowed easily over the paper today.  The message was clear.  I recalled how many years ago this wonderful couple, along with another and me and Leroy had celebrated New Year’s together.  It was such a fun evening.

Half of that group of six is gone.  HALF of that group died young.  Cancer took half of that group away.  There are two widows and a widower left to remember.

No wonder it’s been a difficult note to write.


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