Over the years since Leroy’s been gone, I’ve heard from so many former colleagues of his about how he impacted their lives.

There were the young, aspiring journalists who wrote about how his guidance helped to shape their careers.

I’d get emails and even hand written notes from former “Nightline” staffers who had gone on to new and interesting jobs, who would tell me that when tough decisions came up at work, they’d sit at their desks and whisper to themselves, “What would Leroy do?”

This has gone on for 7 years now and it happened again with the anniversary of his death over the weekend.

So many wonderful messages of memories and adventures shared once again.

One former producer from the NL staff wrote that she would like to think he would be so proud of her success.  She said she daily faces the “WWLD” question in her business dealings and I guess he answers her with some sort of guidance.

I’d like to think that his blog, posted on this site, continues to help those facing daily cancer challenges too.  The blog is an evergreen of living and dying with this disease that has taken so many of our loved ones over the years.

On Saturday, one of Leroy’s closest friends, who is now facing metastatic disease himself, sent me a note saying he carries Leroy in his head and in his heart.

My answer was to listen carefully and follow his lead, especially now.  Reading “MY Cancer” will help.

Leroy’s legacy lives on…just ask those who ask daily “What would Leroy do?”  It works for me.

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