With Grace and Understanding…

Former President Jimmy Carter stepped into the circle most of us who visit this blog have been in for some time.

He spoke calmly, clearly and with out anger as he described his upcoming cancer battle.  He has metastatic melanoma.  A mass was removed from his liver earlier this month.  The cancer has now spread to the brain.  He began radiation treatment today.

He met the media today for almost an hour describing how he thought the diagnosis meant he had only a few weeks to live and even then, he was at peace with that too.  He said he has a deep faith in God and  “I’m very grateful for, and I was pleasantly surprised that I didn’t go into an attitude of despair or anger or anything like that.  I was just completely at ease.”

My friend Diana had that same attitude when she got the news of her esophageal cancer a few months ago.  She told me she was ready for the fight of her life.  Her diagnosis was the same as Jimmy Carter’s: metastatic disease.  She went through surgery, harsh chemotherapy, emergency hospital visits.  Her loving husband was her wall.  They would take short walks around the neighborhood, sometimes it was so hard just to get out of bed, but she wouldn’t give-in to her disease.

Diana died just a few days ago.  She was 67.

She and President Carter are what cancer hates the most.  It hates those who fight.   It hates those who hold on to hope, even when the odds say there is no hope.

It is with GRACE and UNDERSTANDING these two victims faced their challenge.

Mr. Carter’s is just beginning, Diana’s has ended: both deserve our prayers.


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