Ripples in the ocean…

There was an extra ripple in the Pacific ocean over the weekend.

Friends were in Maui, staying at the same hotel Leroy and I used to stay year after year.  They asked where exactly I had scattered his ashes 7 years ago and I directed them to the beach where we had spent so many sunsets.  It was a favorite spot where we would watch the sun slowly slide behind the island of Molokai and as it did, it would paint the sky orange and yellow and gold.  Sunsets in Maui are something to behold.

We would bring a sunset picnic of string cheese, fruit, Leroy’s favorite onion dip and Maui chips.  A bottle of champagne or a bottle of wine would complete the ‘meal.’

As night would begin to hug Maui, we’d wrap ourselves in beach towels so we wouldn’t miss one second of those sunsets.

That pretty much explains the reasoning behind choosing that location for his final resting place.

And that brings me to this past weekend.  My friends were thoughtful enough to find that stretch of beach: go out into the water, flowers in hand.  With a prayer in their hearts and on their lips they sent words of comfort and friendship to Leroy.  The flowers floated onto the Pacific creating ripples along their way.

Peaceful, beautiful ripples in the Pacific.




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