The grin of a happy guy…

There’s a table in my home covered corner to corner with photo’s of time gone-by.  It’s really a big old sled with a piece of glass on top that’s been turned into a table.

It’s a memory of a trip to New York City, Leroy and I took many years ago.  We were walking in and out of shops in lower Manhattan when we wandered into a gallery.  Ten steps in the door we spotted the sled, in the center of the room.  I think we both had the same idea at the same time and we left there the proud owners of an old working sled that would become the centerpiece of our living room.

I’ve got memento’s from stories Leroy and I both covered over the years sitting on this sled.  The pictures reveal two lives that were filled with adventures.  Family and friends smile back from their picture frames and then there’s the vacation shots from our trips to Hawaii.

As I was dusting and rearranging them today I  picked-up the picture of Leroy sitting on a lounge chair by the pool in Maui. His right leg crossed over his left, book in hand, sun on his face.  He’s got the grin of a happy guy on his face.  I’m so happy to have this photo.  It captures him so completely.

This picture is so “real” it’s almost a freeze frame from a little movie.  I can almost anticipate him moving or talking or laughing.

Now, there’s something to hold onto for awhile.



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