When you can’t make lemonade….

“YOU have cancer.”

You’ve heard the old saying “When life hands you lemons, make lemonade?”

Now, how in the world do you make lemonade out of that?

There is no “good” cancer.  Some can be cured, but it takes time and treatment that can hurt and turn a body inside-out before it gets better.  Some can be controlled, or disappeared, but there’s always the fear that some day a new ache in your back isn’t just a pulled muscle:  It’s a sign your old “friend,” cancer has made a return visit.

There is no lemonade in cancer world.

My dear friend and his family are trying to make the best of his cancer diagnosis and now the effects of its spread.  It’s so hard to put the best face on this recent development.  The diagnosis was shocking enough, but the speed in which his cancer is causing serious problems is beyond belief. He is getting good care, but this may be beyond even the best doctors reach.

He’s used to being in control of his life and I see how that is slowly evaporating too.

And I can’t do anything to change this.

I can not make lemonade.


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