Cancer hurts…take two…

Some one reminded me of the blog Leroy wrote years ago called “Cancer Hurts.”

He wasn’t talking about treatment, although we all know that with chemo or radiation there are challenges.  It can hurt.  It can be very uncomfortable in so many ways.

But he wasn’t talking about the physical pain of cancer.

He was talking about the impact it has on families.  He was trying to educate all those just stepping into cancer world, that their lives were about to change in ways they would never image.

As a patient, he could relate how his moods would change some days from minute to minute.  As a newly diagnosed cancer patient, processing those words, “You have cancer” took their toll on him and on me from time to time.  He would try so hard to be a “grown-up” about the diagnosis.  But then the word “terminal” and “metastatic” and “stage 4” would creep into his brain and sadness and depression and worry would result in mood changes.  Some days, it was hard for me to handle those same words too.

There were days when we said things we didn’t mean to say, or didn’t say things, we needed to say.

Cancer just makes a mess out of life as we know it.

The emotional “hurts” of cancer are huge.

Knowing that going in to the battle is important: take it from someone who knows.

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