Looking Good….

She came to the event dressed in a beautiful dress.

She’s lost a lot of weight from her cancer, but in that dress she looked terrific and if you didn’t know she was a pancreatic cancer patient, you’d think she was just a well dressed, slim, woman with a smile on her face enjoying the festivities.

Truth be known, when we were talking, her doctor walked up to say hello to me, and he did a double take before he recognized his own patient…that’s how good she looked.

Doctor’s don’t always see their patients dressed up or feeling well, so I figured he hadn’t seen her all “put together” but he was pleased to say the least.

There have been times in the past year, my friend has not looked good.  Her eyes have been cloudy, her skin has been pale, with a chemo texture to it.  She has been weak from treatment too.

Now, she’s in a different place.  Her disease is on hiatus.  She’s rebounded from the worst of her months in the fight.

She sparkles again and when I saw her the other day, I told her so.  Her smile said it all.

Today, her scan backed up that smile.  Some times you don’t need a scan to say what we already knew: N E D.

Looking good….some times better than a scan.

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