The will to live….

I met a young woman today diagnosed with metastatic colon cancer.  Her doctors have been very clear in explaining how her cancer has spread to her stomach, lymph nodes and now there are spots on her liver.  She’s not impressed.

In fact, when she found out she had stage-4 cancer, she approached a surgeon about “cutting out as much cancer as possible.”  The surgeon declined.  This 40 and fabulous woman refused to accept that answer and instead put it to the surgeon this way: “You have to operate.  If you give me just one extra day to spend with my son, it’s worth this operation.”

When she put it into those words, there was no denying her request.

That was one surgery, countless chemo’s, radiation treatment, and two clinical trials ago.  In fact, she’s still on her second clinical trial and holding her own.

Can’t say the same for the cancer.  It’s been beaten up, down and all around.

You just can’t mess with a mighty will to live.

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