Keep those trials coming….

She’s done it again…

My friend Suzanne needed another boost to battle her cancer and she got one.

I’ve lost count of how many clinical trials she’s been on but there have been many.   Her body uses these trials like little magic bullets against her cancer.  She rallies to fight another day over and over again.  She’s the best possible participant for a research group who runs a trial because she responds so well.  Her body has paid it forward and forward and forward again.  Her results have helped pave the way for so many new trials too.  And when the cancer figures out a way to move around the meds, and her scans show growth of the disease, Suzanne’s doctors do a search to find what’s new and available for her.

So now she’s on yet another trial and this time she had a few upsets along the way, but her trial nurse decided Suzanne needed an adjustment in the meds.  She “tweaked” her doses and it seemed to work.

The latest scans show shrinkage again.  She’s responding.

She’s grateful for all the opportunities to take advantage of these new meds being tested in cancer world.

I’m hoping some day soon, Suzanne will find the final trial.  The one where her doctors will tell her to “go home and have a healthy, long life…trial free.”

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