What really makes cancer go away?

What makes cancer go away?

I’m not talking chemotherapy, or radiation.  I ‘m not talking immunotherapy or epigenetics.

I thinking about the things that take us a million miles away from our cancer worries and that goes for patient and care giver.

The list begins here, tonight.  Feel free to add on….

1. A care giver and a patient, windows open, beautiful Fall day, and a drive along the coast.

2.  A visit from the grandkids who don’t have a clue what cancer is, or that grandpa or grandma have it.  They have come to give hugs and play games and drink hot chocolate.

3.  The popcorn is fresh, the movie is a new release and you’re sitting in the theatre watching it.  What cancer center?

4. Pancakes are fresh off the griddle, the butter melts the instant the two meet.  The syrup is warm and tastes ‘fresh squeezed from the Maple tree.’  The OJ is chilled and friends are over for a visit and breakfast.

5.  A evening marathon of watching all the ‘Hunger Games’ before the last film is released.

What cancer?



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