Cancer is cancer…

He wasn’t feeling well. Usually, he is bouncing around the house with tons of energy.  His energy level had dropped and his mom was worried. So off to the doctor they went.

The doctor said further tests were needed and that meant blood work and tissue samples for biopsy.  It took days before a diagnosis was made and the results were not good.


Chemotherapy was ordered, preceded by a pill to knock down any nausea that would likely come from the medication.

Another family touched by cancer.

The patient in this case is the sweetest little black and white cat.  Bucchi is my neighbor, my pal.  I’m so sad about his diagnosis.   Animals, like people react differently to cancer and meds. Bucchi’s mom and dad have done their research and have taken him to the best cancer specialist in the area.  He’ll get expert care.  If love had anything to do with cancer treatment, he’d be cured tomorrow.

Our pets are our loved ones too.  And when they’re diagnosed with cancer our lives are changed too.

Bucchi, sending good thoughts your way.



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