What about the chemo?

There are so many things to deal with in the cancer battle.

At first glance, after hearing the “YOU have cancer” words, treatment is scheduled and you find yourself on a new life path.  It’s a scheduled new life path with a team of doctors to monitor your health, a treatment path that fills the calendar with chemotherapy appointments and maybe radiation appointments and blood draws and scans, etc.

Then something unexpected happens.  A fever, white cells are way to high, red cells are way too low, maybe an obstruction of some sort and the next thing you know, you see the inside of an ER with all its’ craziness and uncertainty.  You learn patience in the ER because once you’re evaluated, and the hint of ’emergency’ is gone, it feels like the clock is moving in the wrong direction.

Do you end up in the hospital? It might be related to your cancer, but it needs a different set of doctors and your cancer treatment that was once the most important thing in the world, now becomes an after thought.  The immediate problem takes center stage.

This has happened to friend of mine and his hospital stay, actually two long stays, has meant no chemotherapy for weeks.

Now he’s wondering, what’s going on with his cancer, while all these other issues are being treated?  Is the cancer just sitting there, waiting to be challenged by the chemo or is it taking this opportunity to find new places to cause bigger problems?

He’s worried.

Cancer doesn’t wait for anyone or anything.

I’m worried for him.

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