Big socks, that filled big shoes…

Another closet to explore.  More to the point, another closet to clean out.

I always wait until the summer days have cooled off and my days of swimming and sitting in the sun have folded like the last page ripped from the calendar, before tackling inside work.  Why waste a beautiful outside day? Winter will be here soon enough.

So we’ve had this biblical rain lately and what better job to take-on than cleaning?

Old belts, purses, scarves that I’d never use again have joined the “give away” pile.  Some things went directly into the trash bag.  Progress is seeing space in the closet.  Progress is finding the bottoms of shelves.

It’s the discovery of items that thrills me the most.  I found some very special socks.

These are heavy, wool socks.  They have an inner-lining for extra warmth.  They fit a size 13 foot: big socks that filled big shoes.

These socks have been all over the world.  They’ve stepped on the frozen tundra of Russia.  They tip-toed across the killing fields of Rwanda.  They hiked the mountains around Bosnia.

They’ve been to war.  They survived the jungles of Central America.

If these socks could talk, what a story they would tell.

Their most recent adventure was local.  They took a spin in my washing machine the night before last.

None of those memories were washed away, not a chance.  They are tucked away in the strong fibers just like the man who once wore them.

Since he’s no longer here, I’ve decided they’ll fit quite nicely around a smaller foot when the cold weather arrives.

Warm feet….warm thoughts.

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